"We hunt whales"

Started this company with a vision to enable the rest of the world so companies can bring their visions to fruition. We all saw the potential of borrowing resources after helping several companies accomplish their goals. Larger businesses have the potential to change more lives and our mission is to provide a steppingstone to a brighter tomorrow.

- Vision -

We pride ourselves on having one of the most streamlined and expedient funding processing in the industry. Many projects receive their funding in as little as 3 weeks... Imagine needing 5 billion dollars and receiving funding in 3-6 weeks. We got your back.

We've had our fair share of running companies, project management, funding business ventures, and much more so we can assess your needs today so you can begin your journey tomorrow.

- Awesome -

 The key difference is our fund sourcing capabilities. We can provide funding in the range of $2,500,000 through excess of $1,000,000,000. As long as prerequisites are met, your wish is our command. After a few pieces of information are provided, this metaphorically acts as the magic words that will grant your wishes.

The story begins in 2020. Back then, we helped assist companies to accumulate passive income from investments. Our CEO and Founder Nigel Patch was even mentioned in LA Wire's 40 under 40 for our work through Patch Investments (https://lawire.com/40-under-40/) as number 25 on the list.

- Patch Investment Story -

"Nigel Patch is a nationally recognized serial entrepreneur, investor, and innovator known for his efforts at the young age of 27. His mission is to assist everyday people towards having passive incomes and to help humanity reach a higher level of consciousness and innovation. Nigel has helped multiple businesses scale to a level unachievable by the companies alone by optimizing their systems and outreach while also creating passive income streams for the same companies and their employees. His innovative approaches to business have been nothing short of amazing and he has been deemed a rising star in his fields by multiple publications nationwide."

Today, we are privileged to connect with many clients every day with exceptional funding options for Commercial/Multi-family Real Estate Developments and renovations, Large Energy company project (Solar, wind, gas, etc), and large mineral mining operations (Gold, lithium, copper,etc).

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Our Companies Logo

Our company’s logo is the trident with a shield behind it. The trident symbolizes our ambitious practice to hunt "whales" to do business with. The shield represents our guarantee to protect all the "whales" that we hunt and make sure they get treated with the utmost respect, highest treatment, and best deal we can give them at all times.